Revolutionizing Depression Research

Our Business

Two Distinct Business Segments

1) The Diagnostic Blood Test:

Commercialization of a patented biomarker-based blood test to assist physician diagnosis and treatment efficacy for each patient diagnosed and in treatment for depression. A variant of this is in development for a prospective predictive screen using a patient's leukocytes to guide treatment options, including drug combinations

2) The Drug Development Services Business:

This offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the opportunity to work with Pax to analyze antidepressant compounds in early stage discovery and in antidepressant clinical trials. In clinical trials, the blood test can streamline recruitment by identifying potential subjects who are and are not biologically depressed, identify responders and non-responders, provide quantitative data, produce greater efficiencies in development, lower costs, and develop better drugs. Preclinical neurobiology and central nervous system(CNS) drug discovery solutions allow the Company to work with pharmaceutical companies to identify and validate targets, select new compounds, and reposition or repurpose shelved compounds.

Revenues generated from drug development services are intended to bootstrap the continued development of the blood test assay for the consumer and pharmaceutical markets; and, novel new antidepressant development.

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